Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am sooo SICK

I have been coughing and I can barely breath from my nose. I feel so bad and I have the worst headache. I mean seriously I don;t know what to do ..these symptoms are killing me . I am writing as my nose is dripping now..(don't be too grooooooosed out; it's just biology, or should I say pathology :) )

Oh PLEASE any suggestions to make my life abit easier? oh dear I gotta go and find myself a tissue. :(

Sunday, September 11, 2005

out for public eye but saved for mine

I had to take it out (I guess you know why) but I am still truly gratful AND I MEAN REALLY TRULY AND HONESTLY

plese forgive me...i had to do it ..

Monday, August 08, 2005

hey again

It has been a while since I last blogged. I have been busy with life…I have some incompletes that I need to finish before the new academic year starts and I am also planning to move out of this apt very soon. I get bored really fast and so I guess chaning places will help me get a upbeat mood for this new year to come.

I discovered Farah’s blog and I love it so much. It is www.farahssowaleef.blogspot.com. She is amazing Saudi girl and I like how she is open minded and easy to talk to. Many of her visitors are much the same way. I am glad that this site is on (along with other fabulous Saudi bogs which you can find in her blog in links ….I recommend paying that place a visit)

By the way, I am listening to Micheal Jackson right now (beat it) I wasn’t really a Jackson fan before but now I guess I am. I am so glad that he is cleared of these bad charges…I never believed them anyway.

Have you listened to Unbreakable? Ahhh please do..it is empowering. I love hoe strong it makes me feel..IAM UNTOUCHABLE…yeah baby..hehehe

Yesterday I really cooked a GREAT meal …I know my mom would be very proud of me. Living away from home made me realize that I really can do a lot of things without having to depend on maids and my mom. I sound spoiled but I am really not. I used to cook and help around the house even when we had maids. Anyways, l need to sign off now
yalla ma asslamah

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I will miss you

Yesterday was the passing of our beloved king Fahad may his soul rest in peace in heaven. He was the only king I have ever known. I was a little child when the Gulf war happened but I can remember his confident words to us encouraging us to be strong during those tough times. I remember my mother telling us not to be scared and that everything will be just fine.
I and millions will always remember you to be the kind soul that we know you to be. ..we will remember your pioneering vision and strength.

Wa Nabda'

This is to welcome you to my personal blog which is intended to provide a simple sense of greater dreams I owe to myself worth and value; here I talk..laugh..dream…and cry (if you are lucky hehe). I am a Saudi young woman and I engulf a beautiful mosaic of American and Saudi cultures. I adore both countries and I see myself in them. Some people like to dwell on the differences, but I find warmth in connecting with different cultures and religions.…I am attracted to open minded thoughts and tolerant views; and for that I am proud to define myself as a borderless Saudi Arabian. ..I can also say that I am your average girl grown to be an eye catching identity. Yeah..I am proud of myself but what can I do…I just can’t help it..hehehe.

This blog is not intended to solve the world’s problems. I don’t like to picture rosy fake still images of reality. I am here to talk about my feelings about different silly or not so silly things around me. I strongly feel for women issues around the world. I love to help others regardless of race or background or whatever. I love writing…maybe even poetry (oh..maybe not so much after all)..and I love classical music and romantic movies (YES THOSE CHICK MOVIES..what ha what? ) I will certainly love to hear you too

I will log on here regularly and post as I find time. I am too busy with school and family but living abroad has its down side which is BEING HOMESICK …I love USA but I love KSA too and I miss Riyadh and the smell of 3ood and taste of JAREEESH (nah..I don’t like it but I can’t think of any traditional food …it has been A LONG TIME since I last lived as a traditional ..hmm wait!!!! l actually never was a traditional hehehe).

The Saudi Eve