Monday, August 08, 2005

hey again

It has been a while since I last blogged. I have been busy with life…I have some incompletes that I need to finish before the new academic year starts and I am also planning to move out of this apt very soon. I get bored really fast and so I guess chaning places will help me get a upbeat mood for this new year to come.

I discovered Farah’s blog and I love it so much. It is She is amazing Saudi girl and I like how she is open minded and easy to talk to. Many of her visitors are much the same way. I am glad that this site is on (along with other fabulous Saudi bogs which you can find in her blog in links ….I recommend paying that place a visit)

By the way, I am listening to Micheal Jackson right now (beat it) I wasn’t really a Jackson fan before but now I guess I am. I am so glad that he is cleared of these bad charges…I never believed them anyway.

Have you listened to Unbreakable? Ahhh please is empowering. I love hoe strong it makes me feel..IAM UNTOUCHABLE…yeah baby..hehehe

Yesterday I really cooked a GREAT meal …I know my mom would be very proud of me. Living away from home made me realize that I really can do a lot of things without having to depend on maids and my mom. I sound spoiled but I am really not. I used to cook and help around the house even when we had maids. Anyways, l need to sign off now
yalla ma asslamah


Blogger Farooha said...

yaaaaaay you mentioned moi! Thanks babe that is soo sweet!
And I know what you mean, when my mom and I went to Germany in the summer, my mom wanted to put my cooking skills to test, so I was soo worried. But wallahi it wasn't soo hard. Abad kashnee be99al wal bagee yisahluh rab al 3alameen LOL 9a7??

9:49 PM  
Blogger The Saudi Eve said...

I really love you, girl. I think you can serve to be a representitive of all of us. Yes I am getting really good in cooking :)

5:57 AM  
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Blogger Té la mà Maria said...

Hello I am visiting your blog-Web and I like much. Congratulations

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7:19 AM  
Blogger Evangeline said...

i hear you miss, i had to learn the hard way too that mum and maids won't be part of my life forever, but i'm doing pretty good too, my mister at least thinks i'm an excellent cook!! my mother was surprised to hear that...but she got over it....I like your blog!

11:08 AM  

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