Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wa Nabda'

This is to welcome you to my personal blog which is intended to provide a simple sense of greater dreams I owe to myself worth and value; here I talk..laugh..dream…and cry (if you are lucky hehe). I am a Saudi young woman and I engulf a beautiful mosaic of American and Saudi cultures. I adore both countries and I see myself in them. Some people like to dwell on the differences, but I find warmth in connecting with different cultures and religions.…I am attracted to open minded thoughts and tolerant views; and for that I am proud to define myself as a borderless Saudi Arabian. ..I can also say that I am your average girl grown to be an eye catching identity. Yeah..I am proud of myself but what can I do…I just can’t help it..hehehe.

This blog is not intended to solve the world’s problems. I don’t like to picture rosy fake still images of reality. I am here to talk about my feelings about different silly or not so silly things around me. I strongly feel for women issues around the world. I love to help others regardless of race or background or whatever. I love writing…maybe even poetry (oh..maybe not so much after all)..and I love classical music and romantic movies (YES THOSE CHICK MOVIES..what ha what? ) I will certainly love to hear you too

I will log on here regularly and post as I find time. I am too busy with school and family but living abroad has its down side which is BEING HOMESICK …I love USA but I love KSA too and I miss Riyadh and the smell of 3ood and taste of JAREEESH (nah..I don’t like it but I can’t think of any traditional food …it has been A LONG TIME since I last lived as a traditional ..hmm wait!!!! l actually never was a traditional hehehe).

The Saudi Eve


Blogger Trevelyana said...

aah.. Jareesh... I can almost remember the smell of that!

5:13 AM  
Blogger A free Saudi Woman said...

Dear Eve...you should visit my blog

Take care

1:03 AM  

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